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Emerging Young Artists

Emerging Young Artists

Emerging Young Artists (EYA) is a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, which aims to increase appreciation for emerging and underrepresented artists’ work through artistic development and public exhibition

shopify | development | design

Freelance Designer/Developer

My full-time job at Shopify is UX Developer. I work at spare time as freelancer serving person or coorperation of coding and designing, creativity appreciated :wink:. Services include:

  • Shopify store consulting and theme development :computer:
  • Website SEO optimization 🔧
  • Website and mobile App design :art:


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Owl Drawing

Owl Drawing

Jun 26, 2018

Explore different ways of drawing owl

How to Add Portfolio to Shopify Store (Part 2)

How to Add Portfolio to Shopify Store (Part 2)

Apr 15, 2018

Shopify is ready to use for creating products, collections, but it doesn’t have portfolio feature similar to Wordpress. This article shows you how to include portfolio feature from existing theme.


Came from a person who don't like writing diary, and actually don't like reading at all. At some point, I found my initial motivation of writing is to share what I know, and I value for, as the giveback to what I learned from others. Every post makes me feel rewarding, and I think it's a long term win to keep my life enthusiastic. My interest sometimes shifts around, currently I'm interested in code :computer:, design :art:, music :headphones:, and mobile photography :camera:.


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada