Owl Drawing

Jun 26, 2018

drawing, design

Drawing is a mistery field to me. To many people, it can be super familiar to us when we were at young age. I started to draw when I was a kid, but gradually lost my interest as I entered primary school.

This is the first time I started to drawing again, nearly without skill practice. After taken Introduction to Imagemaking (3rd course in Graphic Design Specialization). By drawing weekly for owls, here are what I got:

Week 1

Started off by using Paper app, I was trying to imitate a chocolate piece of owl.

Chocolate owl
Chocolate owl reference

Week 2

I was interested in the brush tools in Paper, and found a great photo as reference. Actually I was amazed what the result looks like, by combing outline and water brush, it seems to be close to Chinese traditional ink style :thinking: .

Ink style owl
Ink style owl reference

Week 3

I want to try negative space that I’ve learned before, and there is a close up shot to the owl when he’s ready for hunting. In this artwork, I doodled the black space first which looks like scratching from a paper, then use white brush to draw outline of the owl, pencil to draw texture of woods.

Owl is hunting
Reference for hunter owl

Week 4

Love abstraction so much, I still remember the first computer game I’ve played in a pixelated resolution. I was using Sketch to try different techniques of same shape, including ASCII art, vector with bitmap, black white.

Gigital creation of owl drawing

Week 5

This is the first time I was drawing over a photo. By leveraging the fill function in purple color, it creates a dramatic star sky looking style, which I was inspired by drawing by gel pen tool and some creation of Chinese characters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

Owl under star sky
Owl on a tree branch reference

Week 6

Inspired by reviewing artwork of a person who submitted his/her assignment which leverages drawing using real photos. I collected what I have for my recent shoots after settling in Toronto, and fit them into a vector owl shape.

Gigital creation of owl drawing

Can you believe I used these photos to compose the picture? :smiley:

Owl crop resource 1
Owl crop resource 2
Owl crop resource 3
Owl crop resource 4
Owl crop resource 5


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