Bob’s Rehabilitation Centre

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Bob’s Rehabilitation Centre aims to give rehab therapy from traditional Chinese techniques and medicine, based in Ottawa region.

By talking through the specialties of their services, Bob mentioned that moxibustion is quite unique offered from him, which he thinks it’s very helpful as heat therapy.

I got contacted for this website project which show cases of their clinic and services, and client just said original website doesn't look appealing and they want to change it.

Considering it’s a website that is mostly for patient, and possibly elders who may suffer more from accessibility concern, I have chosen green for peaceful :leaves:, and violet for warm :relieved:. The design is clear without much decoration. The services have lots of content which I want to put focus on content and have minimal distraction from the rest. The violet color is applied on all clickable items.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough resources for stock photos where the website doesn’t show retina versions for them :pensive:. It’s the first time I tried out Glide.js, and the result is great for these carousels, I’ll probably keep using them for my future projects, haha :smile:.

The website includes both English and Chinese version which are powered by VueJS i18n module, and the project is built upon a VueJS framework, NuxtJS. I come from the background of strong HTML/CSS, which I love declarative more. VueJS is pretty friendly to me, and easy to pick up as of its ease learning curve.

By the way, Bob’s Rehabilitation Centre just opened their second location in Kanata, which the original location is in Nepean. I do recommend visiting for massage service if you’d like to experience a more traditional Chinese style with Bob’s over 20 years experience.

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