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I came to Toronto early 2018, and met EYA (Emerging Young Artists), which is an organization that helps local artists not for profit, which satisfied my desire of getting more involved in art field :laughing:.

EYA has helped artists in different areas, including music, drawing, dancing, installation, etc. The concept of emerging not only includes those young artists, but also artists who starts in early stage of their specialized fields.

The original website used Wordpress as framework. Due to various plugins overall, theme seemd to be hard to play with them, which results in inconsistent dedication of style. As a Shopify employee, I advocate Shopify platform for Shopify’s hight quality of theme, and flexibility. The new overall look is based on Label theme, which I learned a lot new things, such as Shopify theme structure, liquid, etc. I feel so good that getting involved in the development project gave me space to play around with CSS (I love CSS so much!). :wink:

From design perspective, it uses pink as a theme color, adapted to have rich pictures for project, artists, and news. Based on the fundemental black and white, theme color stands out, and text is easy to read from its contrast. Overall, it’s simple and has contrast intention for modern aesthetics trend. :art:

Website includes Artists, Projects, and News sections.

  • Artists: Conclude all artists who attended in EYA performance, supports order from date and letters. All pictures are cropped to square for easier usage of website design.
  • Projects: Include past performances, installation, and activities of EYA. Single project shows the related artists who attended.
  • News: Newest preview of project and activities, which includes date, location, type of project, admission information, and brief of project. At the end of project, the project will be organized to project section.

Website integrates Eventbrite for selling tickets which make it easier for visitors finding upcoming activities easier.

Projects page is not what Shopify natively provided. The main tricky part of it is to use collection as project, and build a page to display all collections. All collections are linked to its page, I wrapped up how I did it in following two blog posts:

  1. How to Add Portfolio to Shopify Store (Part 1)
  2. How to Add Portfolio to Shopify Store (Part 2)

Currently, the website has been built with sufficient projects, artists and news for existing template. It makes it very easy to add content from Shopify admin. :muscle:

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