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Talk With Sam is developed by several students in Canada and USA. I'm the main contributor to iOS mobile UI design and development.

Cheng Peng, our main co-founder, realized the issue that Chinese speaker can't practice spoken English in their limited time. Traditional education focuses on writing and reading skills. We partially duplicate what Uber did to connect learners and tutors. With the application, learner can request practice and tutors comes from top American schools.

From development, Quartzcode, one of iOS animation tool, helped me on the wave animation for main button. I wish to deliver user the single entrance for each step which minimizes interaction for core features.

Talk With Sam trophy

The first fund came from 2016 UNC Carolina Challenge for the 2nd place - $8,000. Looking forward further investment.

In addition to the mockup which is used in iOS app, I also designed two alternatives for debating. With these three design, we made our goal for what app wants to be benefited to user more clear.

Alternative 1

  • The looking style is relatively cute
  • Focus on daily basis of achievement
  • Categorize topics

Alternative 2

  • Heavily rely on animation which triangle could hit objects
  • Encourage user to treat it as a game
  • Less images to minimize distract

Alternative 1

Alternative 2


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada