Deep Dash

ios | apple watch | design

In the 8th hack day (2nd hack day after I joined Trend Micro), I designed the concept companion mobile UI called Deep Dash. It has the essential features of Deep Security product for whether enterprise version or cloud version (SaaS).

Dash stands for dashboard, which is one section of Deep Security web user interface console and it's also the most important page for user which has activities, status, etc.. The mobile device can be extremely useful to receive notification if unexpected things happen, and easy to reach. The user interface tends to use color blackness/whiteness for how serious the scenario is. For example, darker red :fire: will happen if bad activities increased.

The designed UI also includes Apple watch, which is a even simplied version and it extracts things that are most important.

By using interaction message style for onboarding, user can clearly know the pre-requirements and feel sweet :gift_heart:.


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada