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During the study in Chengdu, my biggest pleasant is Rock music, it’s definitely much better than my hometown in terms of the environment. Interestingly, I started to practice Electric guitar which my teacher actually cheat me for it. :laughing:

I won’t regret that term of experience which I really don’t enjoy pop music as it’s such usual. Have been spending most of my time practicing guitar in first and second year at Southwest Jiaotong University, I started to play guitar in school band since second year.

It happened to me that my friend from high school asks if I can create melody for his lyrics, and that’s the start of my music production journey :dizzy_face:. Most of songs were created in third year in university until I came to Canada.

This album includes several short songs for a indie movie from Southwest Jiaotong University, but unfortunately they were not used at the end. A cover music for Exodus is from another high school friend who asked if I can play Exodus again (which I played on piano when I were in high school :neckbeard:).


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